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Recon Waste Management, a recycling company in Northern Ireland

About Recon Waste Management:


Recon waste management, owned by local businessman Daniel Connolly, are a recycling company based in Portadown, County Armagh and specialise in recycling street sweeping waste and other non hazard sludges from local authorities and other government bodies. They also look after waste transfer. Products that Recon produce from their road sweeping and gully waste treatment plant include Sand, Pea Gravel, Drainage Stone, Water, Mixed Dry Recyclables.

The company have over twenty pieces of equipment on site such as screeners and optical sorters as well as lorries, diggers, telehandlers, dumpers and a forklift – all of which are now inspected via the CoreChex paperless inspection system.

The company currently employs 15 members of staff, 11 of whom are using the CoreChex paperless inspection app.


The Challenge:

Darragh McConville, Business Development Manager for Recon waste management recognised that improving inspection rates and visibility of company safety was the key aim in introducing a digital solution to paper checks. “We had numerous note pads that ended up getting lost, they were left in vehicles, they weren’t left back into the office and it often it wasn’t until the end of the week, when the paperwork was being left in, whether we knew if the checks were completed properly and what was being reported’.

The Solution:

From their initial demo Recon Waste Management were up and running with the app in a manner of weeks. Training was provided on site and the company have found the process of adding new forms and editing existing templates to be quick and easy. Ongoing support is provided as part of the installation package which Recon are availing of as they find new uses for the app’s deployment on site.

Recon Waste Management use the system mainly as a paperless inspection app in order to  carry out a lot of their daily statutory inspections. Mainly on pre-start vehicle checks. Darragh explains “Each morning the guys will come in and it’s a great reminder for them. They have the app on their phone, before they start the machines, they have a list of criteria that they have to go through and check off, before the machine can be started. On top if the vehicle reports, we also use the app for carrying out housekeeping reports & site safety observations. So, if we are training someone on a new machine it’s great for the trainer to be able to log their information and the progress of each employee. We also use the app for filling in near misses on site and any other training or health and safety that need to be documented.

“I would say that, on average, our inspection rate on machinery in the morning has went top 90% across all the staff because it really does keep it in their minds”


The Key Benefits:

The app saves us a lot of money on maintenance because we know straight away what the problem is rather than letting the particular problem on the machine develop in to something worse than it could have been.

Were there any barriers to Implementation?

Darragh explains that the age group of the staff at Recon varies quite a lot with both younger and older members of the team.  “Some of the older members were maybe a wee bit reluctant at the start because they were used to filling out their paper-based forms but the app itself is very easy to use and after 3 or 4 weeks of using it every morning they were very proficient on it. It’s very user friendly and easy to get on to.”

Would you recommend the app?

Darragh commented yes absolutely “I would say it would definitely save you a lot of time and money and from a health and safety side of things, it definitely makes sure that a lot more is properly documented, and you are covering yourself on a day to day basis that these checks are being done.”

“We have found the app so simple to integrate into the day to day running of the business and use CoreChex to conduct all our inspections; from the daily HGV & Digger Defect Reports to Ad hoc Spillage and Near Miss Reports. We have greatly improved the speed of employee inspections and reporting compared to filling out paper forms and are able to react much faster to any equipment defects or safety issues on site. Undoubtedly the app has improved the workings of our business and we would highly recommend it.”

Anne Coyle

Office Manager , Recon Waste Management