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Ensure safety standards are adherred to with our Transport and Logistics Vehicle Inspection App

Suitable for all fleet, transport, vehicles and logistics pre-use checks or pre and post hire checks on company vehicles, the CoreChex app enables you to efficiently carry out safety inspections and checks.

Transport and Logistics Inspections…

  • Daily walk around vehicle checks
  • Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) daily inspections
  • Light Goods Vehicle walk around checks
  • Long Goods Vehicle (LGV) driver walk around checks
  • Bus and Coach first user checks
  • Pre and Post Hire Vehicle Checks
  • Fleet management checks
  • Van checks

Alternatively, talk to us about creating your customised inspection checklists.

The CoreChex tranpsort and logistics app digitises traditional pen and paper based checks and will ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and compliant with DVSA or RSA safety regulations.

Key Benefits…

  • Record and report vehicle defects in real time
  • Capture photographic evidence of defects
  • Schedule immediate action to expediate repairs
  • Location stamp where inspection are carried out via GPS tracking
  • Auto date and timestamp report as well as record time taken to complete inspection
  • Checks can be conducted regardless of wi-fi connection
  • Instantly submits reports to the desktop app when signal is regained
  • Instant outcome of the inspection presented to the driver – ensuring safety messages are communicated in real time
  • Archive vehicle inspections for 31 days stored on the mobile device for roadside checks
  • No need to purchase additional hardware
  • Available on Android and iOS devices
  • Data stored in the cloud for easy retrieval and analysis

Transport and Logistics Inspections….

We use the CoreChex app to check vehicle condition pre and post hire. The ability to take high quality photographs, capture customer signatures and have the data sync immediately to the office has improved our business processes. Our workshop staff have adapted really well to the system and find it easy to use.

Liam Regan, Business Development Manager, SC Rentals

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