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Paperless Inspections


What is Corechex?

CoreChex - A paperless inspection system

paperless Inspection system
CoreChex offers a paperless mobile data collection solution for checklists and inspections via a tablet or smart phone.

Companies can avail of several existing checklist and inspection templates or create their own intelligent bespoke inspections within the software system.

The CoreChex mobile app works in tandem with the CoreChex web app to build an inspection schedule which is sent directly to an Inspector’s mobile device, so they know which inspections they need to carry out each day.

Real time mobile data collection is entered via inspectors on a mobile device and ensures the inspection is available to view online immediately after submission – this ensures the maintenance team are aware of defects instantly and can attend to major safety issues.

The app allows you to attach images, notes, signatures to your report and is automatically date and time stamped along with GPS location.

Management can easily analyse the data gathered – for example about equipment defects – and generate reports.

And all data is stored securely within the CoreChex cloud – no more filing!

mobile data collection


Corechex can be used by individuals or multiple users to securely input data and CoreChex is applicable for a wide-ranging set of industries from construction, transport, logistics, food, health and safety, retail and public sector.


How It Works…

Corechex Paperless Inspections


The inspector carries out the inspection.
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Use a mobile device to capture data via your chosen checklist or inspection form. It is so much easier than the traditional pen and paper method. You can quickly enter data through drop down answers, checklists or radio buttons and can add your own comments and notes along with supporting photographic evidence to highlight defects or areas of concern. The inspection will submit automatically to your supervisors desktop environment if you have an internet connection and if not it will sync as soon as you have a signal.
Corechex Paperless Inspections


Creates inspections, schedules inspections, analyses inspection results and monitors maintenance
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Via the desktop app you can control all inspections for each company asset and assign inspections to specific inspectors. As soon as an inspection report is submitted you can view the results and have the option to share the report as a company branded PDF document. You no longer need to chase inspection submissions and re- enter the data via excel spreadsheets in order to analyse and extract meaningful date. CoreChex enables you to take immediate action on any defects that have been noted and to ensure a safe working environment for your team.
Corechex Paperless Inspections


The maintenance employee carries out required actions
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Using outcomes and actions we can take traditional paper and pen forms to a new level. At the time of inspection certain answers will trigger actions for the maintenance team within your organisation to address and these actions or to do’s will appear on the maintenance app until they are reported as fixed – at this stage the inspector will receive a prompt to carry out the inspection again.

Getting started…

1. After signing up we will assit you to add users, inspections and assets to your account

2. Ask company inspectors to download the mobile app

3. The supervisor will schedule inspections

4. Inspectors complete checks with the mobile app and submit

5. Supervisors analyze the completed inspection data and generate reports via desktop app

6. Maintenance take action as appropriation

All your checks in just six easy steps…


1. Select

an inspection from our many templates

4. Inspect

and submit your inspection


2. Or Create

a bespoke inspection


5. Fix

any reported defects


3. Choose

what assets to inspect

6. Analyze

inspection and generate reports



Corechex has a wide variety of clients across multiple industries such as Construction, Retail, Transport, Manufacturing & the Public Sector. Here are what just some of them have to say about the Corechex solution


Corechex has really simplified our inspection process for us. Our inspectors used to complete multiple daily equipment and safety checks using pen and paper and it was a time consuming task.

Our team can now easily access all inspections at the touch of a button and can submit them to head office for review there and then cutting down administration time for everyone in the company which allows us to focus on core business tasks.

Kieran Gorey, MD, Doorware

Rilta Environmental

We use CoreChex to conduct a variety of health, safety and environmental checks in the workplace. Great for carrying out spot checks on items of equipment.  It records there and then, no need for bulky clipboards.  The app is easy to use and has all the functionality we need to accurately record key information such as GPS location of the equipment, photographic evidence and gives us the real time feedback we need.

Sean Lawlor, Safety, Health and Environment Coordinator, Rilta Environmental Ltd

Industry Training Services

We use the projects section of the CoreChex app to manage the training requirements for NVQ candidates. CoreChex  has eliminated all our paper processes which has significantly reduced back-office administration procedures and has enabled all completed candidate information to be instantly available to the team . It has also importantly saved our inspectors a lot of time with regards to collating & recording candidate details and observation reports. We like the fact that CoreChex can be used both on and offline which is important for us as we work remotely, often without an internet connection.

Andy Rankin, General Manager, ITS

Recon Waste Management

Having the forms available to our staff via their mobiles means that we have greatly improved the speed of employee inspections and we are able to react much faster to any equipment defects or safety issues that are reported via the app.

Anne Coyle, Office Manager, Recon Waste Management

Springwell Construction

CoreChex is used on all our maintenance and repair projects to allocate jobs electronically so that our staff are on site quicker each morning with all required job info available on their tablets. The app makes the form-filling process on jobs easier, enabling the team to focus on the work they need to do when they arrive on site.

Donna McGuckian, Office Manager, Springwell

Ashview Consultants

The CoreChex app enables our consultants to access bespoke Workplace inspections and PSDP/PSCS site audits on their smartphone or tablet  and saves us a lot of time gathering evidence on site, including photographs & signatures. CoreChex also saves significant admin time when we get back to the office rewriting reports for our clients as customised PDF’s are automatically generated as soon as the form is completed on the mobile app. We now have instant visibility to findings in the field which is vital to ensure that our end client can take immediate action and maintain high safety standards, that’s our top priority at Ashview Consultants.

Paul O’Shea, Managing Director, Ashview Consultants

SC Rentals

We use the CoreChex app to check vehicle condition pre and post hire. The ability to take high quality photographs, capture customer signatures and have the data sync immediately to the office has improved our business processes. Our workshop staff have adapted really well to the system and find it easy to use.

Liam Regan, Business Development Manager, SC Rentals

H & A Mechanical

We use CoreChex primarily for HSEQ inspections on our work sites and since introducing the system we find we can work more efficiently to record, react and deal with any issues that occur. When the audits are complete they are available to view straightaway in the office so it saves us a lot of time rekeying information and storing files which is a crucial business improvement in terms of time saving.

Paul Gildernew, Seaneen Liddy, Health and Safety Department, H & A Mechanical


BDS Contracts

We use CoreChex to record and assign maintenance jobs to our service engineers who receive their instructions each day via the mobile app along with all digital forms that they need to complete such as risk assessments, timesheets, near miss reports etc. We can easily compile detailed reports including photos which sync automatically to the web system for future reference or to send to our customer base. CoreChex is simple and efficient to use, we can create and assign new inspection templates very quickly, which saves us a lot of time.

Dean Stewart, Director, BDS Contracts, Co.Down


SGC Global

We use CoreChex for facility inspection checks within our managed buildings and our staff submit an average of 1,500* digital forms each week so it’s much more efficient than collecting paper copies. We particularly like that the CoreChex software was customised to suit our project needs. The app was implemented quickly, with minimal training for staff.

Suzanne Doyle, Director of Operations, SGC Global, Co.Westmeath


Scaffold Elevation

CoreChex is used to report on all our quality and safety management systems from working at height equipment inspections, risk assessments and site surveys. The system allows us to harness the observations of our field workers and enables greater transparency around any safety issues on site so that they can be quickly addressed

Robert Downey, Managing Director, Scaffold Elevation, Co.Kildare


Avondale Foods

We have used CoreChex to replace all paper inspections on our fleet of 68 forklifts which allows the team to easily manage preventative maintenance and scheduled safety inspections. Management receive instant email alerts regarding any failed trucks and customised reports on outstanding actions which allows for immediate follow up to address any issues and request corrections from our forklift maintenance company. We have found the CoreChex app easy to use and it has given us much greater visibility into the safety of our assets and prevents any unnecessary downtime.

James Mc Bennett, Senior Purchasing Manager at Avondale Foods, Co.Armagh


Bryson Recycling

Our factory team preforms almost 300 audits* each week such as equipment and vehicle safety checks, yard inspections, permit to work forms etc. We are extremely pleased with the application; it is very user friendly and easy to retrieve the data reports from the desktop. It’s a big improvement on paper forms.

Jaroslaw Stanislawek, Engineering Manager, Bryson Recycling, Co.Antrim