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Go paperless to reduce your carbon footprint

Go Paperless to reduce your carbon footprint at work

Businesses today, regardless of size or sector make changes to cut their carbon footprint, save money and make a positive impact to the environment.

There are many motivating factors to trigger these changes such as:

  • Going green
  • Becoming environmentally conscious
  • Creating a positive business image
  • Attracting new employees and investors

And from a commercial viewpoint businesses who take steps to become more accountable for their carbon footprint will save money with some simple changes …

The carbon footprint of a piece of paper

Producing 100,000 sheets of paper requires over 8 trees and almost 2,000kWh of energy and has a carbon footprint of 6,000kg (from energy required to create the paper and dispose of it in landfill) – Source goodenergy.co.uk

The majority of offices use a vast amount of paper each day, very often printing unnecessary documentation and storing files for longer than needed. In order to go green and become environmentally conscious one of the key changes that can be made in the business arena is therefore to go paperless.

Replace paper with the CoreChex App:

  • Digitise all paper forms in the workplace
  • Automate workflow between employees through push notifications in the app, email or sms alerts
  • Include links to online documents stored in the cloud such as csv files or PowerPoint presentations negating the need for paper packs to aid employee understanding
  • Digitise contract signing, customer delivery dockets
  • Store online documents negating the need for printing copies

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