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 Stay compliant & perform Fire Risk Assessments on the go directly from your phone or tablet.

Via a smart phone or tablet CoreChex will enable businesses to capture all required information on facility checks, fire safety checks & fire equipment including photographs and signatures and instantly transmit the information in real time back to a management portal.

Fire Safety Inspections:

  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Fire Protection Form
  • Fire Door Survey
  • Fire Door Maintenance
  • Fire Drill and Fire Evacuation Record
  • Fire Alarm Check Log
  • Fire Safety Checklist
  • Fire Hydrant Checklist
  • Emergency Lighting Survey
  • Fire Servicing Reports
  • Fire Extinguisher Checks

Alternatively, CoreChex will create customised fire safety inspections and checklists to meet your requirements

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The CoreChex app is easy to use and is scalable. It is suitable for companies with multiple fire risk assessors or individuals monitoring fire safety for their premises. You can carry out any type pf fire safety check and you can use the app both on and offline. Our central web app will generate your final fire safety report as per your requirements.

Key Benefits…

  • Easily record and report fire safety checks in real time.
  • Assign fire checks and instructions to workers so that fire checks are never missed
  • Set up Email and SMS alerts
  • Multiple users can input data into a shared form for collaborative working
  • Save and store forms for later to enable longer audits or multiple site fire safety inspections to take place
  • Add notes and take photographic evidence
  • The app can raise instant actions based on the findings
    • Location stamp where your checks are carried out via GPS tracking on a mobile device
    • Automatically date and timestamp your report
    • Checks can be conducted regardless of wi-fi connection
    • Instant submission of reports to the desktop app when signal is available.
    • Instant outcome of the inspection presented to inspectors – ensuring safety messages are communicated in real time
    • No need to purchase hardware – our app is designed for Android and iPhone phones and tablets
    • All data stored in the cloud for easy retrieval and analysis of site trends and performance via pdf or csv formats

The CoreChex inspection system far surpasses the paper based system we relied on previously and has saved the hospital valuable time in recording and managing data. Using the automated csv exports we can comprise vast amounts of information into clear and concise reports to assist in running the facility and maximizing our resources.”


Enda Elwood

Engineering Manager, Galway Clinic

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