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CoreChex Inspection Software: Features

Key features of CoreChex inspection software…

Bespoke or existing Inspections templates
Custom Made Forms:

Access existing checklists and inspections or commission a bespoke solution via our inspection software

QR technology is contained with Corechex inspection software
Easy identification:

Use QR technology to identify unique assets/equipment – simply scan the qr code to begin an inspection

Equipment safety status
Safety Status:

Recognize immediately whether a vehicle or piece of equipment is safe to use, the exact status of the last inspection and the history of last inspections.

Inspection software is available from both apple and android stores
Go Mobile:

Access the app on any Android or iOS mobile device and conduct inspections anywhere and anytime.

Sync safety inspection data when you have an internet connection

Inspections and forms can be completed even without an internet connection. Data will automatically sync to the desktop app when you do connect again.

Schedule safety inspections
Task Control:

Manage your equipment and workforce by scheduling inspections instantly or in advance and assign by equipment type or inspector

GPS location improves accuracy of inspection data
GPS Location:

See the exact location of where an inspection was carried out and ensure this matches with where the company asset or equipment is stored

Capture images within the inspection software
Intelligent data capture:

Capture images of defects and record inspector signatures

Instant inspection submissions improve workflow
Task Management:

Check if inspections are being carried out when they should be, monitor submissions instantly and have the ability to schedule maintenance based on submission reports

Avail of unlimited cloud storage with Corechex
Go paperless

Talk to us about our cloud storage solutions and save on paper by opting to export inspections via pdf and email

View inspection reports and analyse data
Intelligent Reporting

View inspection submissions and reports and analyse data to gauge trends, comparisons and insights

Key Benefits


  • Corechex is available to anyone and works on iOS and Android devices and any desktop browser
  • There are hundreds of checklists to get you started or you can create your own checklist or inspection in a matter of minutes.
  • Unique equipment identifiers increase accuracy and the intuitive system is designed to speed up the inspection process leading to complete and timely submissions
  • Ability to work on and submit mobile forms both online and offline – data will automatically sync with the desktop app when there is internet access
Inspecton software for desktop, mobile and tablet
Safety Checklists and Inspections for Equipment and company assets


  • All information captured with the mobile inspections is automatically synced to the supervisors dashboard and can be viewed and analysed instantly
  • Corechex gives organisations the ability to see the latest status on equipment and assets
  • You can whether checks have been completed over multiple-sites and locations.
  • Live inspection information and of reporting and gives you the ability to react to issues in real time with defaults flagged and fixed straight away.


  • Save money and time on printed forms and workforce administration
  • Spend more time on core business activities to improve the profitability of your business.
  • Management can minimize any downtime by instantly taking action to address any defaults and maximize the overall efficiency of their workforce
Save money and time on printed inspection forms
Comply with health and safety legislation


  • Comply with safety laws and legislation
  • Reduce risks of accidents in the workplace with full visibility of inspection results in real time
  • Schedule and ensure safety inspections and maintenance work are carried out with 100{9c9403156f68874e8d0291100a5091e419b0e7f44af90093d163d9511705f6b8} visibility and keep keep machines and equipment in a good working order
  • Ensure safety of employees and equipment


  • Corechex offers scalable package to ensure that the solution is affordable for all sizes
  • Pay on a per user basis with the ability to scale up or down
  • With the savings on paper forms and admin time it is a savings tool to have Corechex in your business model
  • Being smartphone app and web based it is completely scalable – no need to install software
Corechex paperless inspection software

CoreChex Paperless Inspections

CoreChex offers you a way to create inspections and checklists to be used in a mobile environment, on a tablet or a mobile phone. To find out more contact us today.