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Springwell Construction, facilities management and building maintenance

About Springwell Construction:

Springwell construction based in Co.Antrim look after building maintenance and facilities management for a number of companies in Northern Ireland including Translink and Inspire Wellbeing.

The Challenge:

Steven McCann, Managing Director of Springwell construction explains that “One of the biggest problems we had as this firm has grown is the billing, we weren’t getting that through quick enough, mainly because of the paper trail delay”

The Solution:

Springwell have implemented CoreChex across all their live maintenance and repair jobs and their staff use the app to find out what jobs they have been assigned each day, the priority of each job and what their instructions are when they arrive on site. Men are allocated jobs electronically, so they are on site quicker each morning with all required job info available on their tablets.   All risk assessments and job progress information is automatically captured on site and transmitted to the office in real time enabling Springwell to not only provide their customers with better quality data including photographic evidence but also has enabled a faster turnaround time on invoicing and reporting.

With the CoreChex app Steven comments that issuing bills to their customers on time was one of the main aims of introducing the system.

The Key Benefits:

Steven explains that one of the key benefits is being able to keep a more detailed track of documentation and stock used and having that information easily available to send and share with client. Everything is all traceable.

With the  maintenance jobs there are various levels of priorities – emergencies, highs, lows etc and the critical factor for Springwell is co-ordinating the timing around this. Steven states that one of the key benefits is issuing the jobs to the nearest man on the ground, who can pick them up on his phone. “You’re getting the jobs through quicker and you’re getting the jobs done quicker.”

Were there any barriers to Implementation?

Personally Steven thought it would be harder for the older fellas (and he includes himself in that category!) to get used to the app but added that everyone has adapted to the system with ease. “They see the job coming through to them, they bring it up on the screen, they key in to it, they go and do the job, they key out of it again and that’s it over and done with. They’re not coming back here with a pile of paper and questions. Everybody has switched on to it ok. It’s like everything else, we’ll get better at it but at the minute it’s really working for us and its really working for our end clients as well.

Would you recommend the app?

“We have worked well the team at CoreChex and would certainly advise anybody that there’s room to manoeuvre the app into whatever you need it to do. From our point of view, its working for us and we can’t see why it wouldn’t work for anybody else.”

CoreChex is used on all our maintenance and repair projects to allocate jobs electronically so that our staff are on site quicker each morning with all required job info available on their tablets. The app makes the form-filling process on jobs easier, enabling the team to focus on the work they need to do when they arrive onsite”

Donna McGuckian

Office Manager, Springwell Construction