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Ashview Consultants, specialists in Construction Safety across the UK and Ireland

About Ashview Consultants:

Ashview Consultants are an established, experienced Health & Safety practise, with offices in the Republic of Ireland and the UK. Their team of 10 auditors have an immense range of experience and knowledge in health & safety for construction and the build environment. Ashview work in collaboration with their clients to ensure that their projects from initial concept, construction and then future maintenance at delivered safely and they provide clients with the assurance that their business, people and assets are protected….

The Challenge:

Paul O’Shea Managing Director of Ashview Consultants explained that the main challenge and issue for the company was the double handling of paperwork. “We carry out approximately up to 150 audits in a month and we did some simple calculations as to how much time each auditor double handled an audit before it got issued. And that calculation came back with a substantial amount of time double handling paperwork. Also due to our interest in Health and Safety, we needed to get a response out rapidly. We can’t be leaving it for a day or two after an audit was done for it to be issued to the customer

The Solution:

Paul comments that finding a solution to the double handling of paperwork lead them to CoreChex, He explains that in the Construction industry, the compliance, documentation and certification is huge:

“All the key registers for plant and machinery, scaffolding, excavations, hoardings; they’ve all got to be inspected on a weekly basis. We now have all those on a paperless entry so you can do it with the app. Then you’ve got your incident and accident reports – they can also be done via the app. And then your site inspections and your audits can be done on the app. So you’ve taken out all of the double handling out of the weekly activities on the site and you’ve put them all on to a paperless entry which is digitally filed for site and safety management record keeping.”


He added that “..the big thing about Corechex, which was a benefit for us was the flexibility in the app itself. So we were able to develop our own templates on the app and our audit still looked the very same because the one thing about clients is that they like consistency and we needed to make sure that the audit came back to them looking and feeling the very same way it was when we were doing it the “hard labour” way. So now what we have is a system on the auditors phones, the jobs are logged on the phone, they go through the audit, by the time they’re leaving the site, it’s complete, it’s issued and there’s no double handling and within a short period of time we have the full report finished.”

The Key Benefits:

There are a number of positive impacts:


  • Obviously, improved efficiency is a massive benefit.
  • Our reports now are all streamlined which has also improved quality management.
  • From a commercial aspect we are not spending as much time, so there’s a cost saving
  • And then there is improved professionalism as well, a client knows now that when we’re on the site that the audit is going to go out to them within a couple of minutes of us finishing and leaving the site.

Was the app easy to implement?

“Yes, CoreChex brought their knowledge and ease of use of to the system to us, we availed of a free trial and we found the app quite easy to use. What impressed us was that our forms still looked the same which was very important for us. The team’s reaction to the digital audits has been very positive, it’s good, it’s very good. The ease of which you can do an audit is the critical path for us. Everyone’s bought in to that.”

Would you recommend the app?

Yes, we’ve already opened up discussion about the app with another client. We’ve been able to go back with ideas to Corechex who have been able to pick up on them and they know what we’re thinking now and obviously we want to look at bringing it to other aspects of our business as well and also have recommended it to some of our clients.”
The CoreChex app enables our consultants to access bespoke Workplace inspections and PSDP/PSCS site audits on their smartphone or tablet  and saves us a lot of time gathering evidence on site, including photographs & signatures. CoreChex also saves significant admin time when we get back to the office rewriting reports for our clients as customised PDF’s are automatically generated as soon as the form is completed on the mobile app. We now have instant visibility to findings in the field which is vital to ensure that our end client can take immediate action and maintain high safety standards, that’s our top priority at Ashview Consultants.”

Ashview Consultants are an established Health and Safety Consultancy with extensive experience in the construction sector and have offices in Ireland & UK.

Paul O'Shea

Managing Director, Ashview Consultants